Skin Exam Tool

The Skin Exam tool is provided for optional use to allow color matching and adjustment between varied camera and computer color or screen settings.

It also has a built in ruler for convenient measurement of lesions.  Based on printer settings the ruler may or may not print at the actual set size.


Tips for success

  1. Use our Skin Exam Tool to assist us in delivering an accurate diagnosis by providing a size and color scale. Print it out and place it next to, but not covering, the lesion for a close up picture

  2. Take pictures in a well lit environment, but not in direct sunlight. You want the skin to show good detail and not be too bright or too dark**

  3.  Make sure the lesion is in focus and the camera held perpendicular to the skin when possible to avoid glare

  4. Take appropriate pictures, including at a distance showing the location on the body, medium range and close up for detail

  5.  Take several pictures of each lesion and pick the best ones.  Do not alter the pictures in any way.

  6.  For rashes take a pictures of the affected area (showing distribution) and up close to show features of the rash (blisters, scale, hives)

  7.  Enter the measurement of discrete lesions, such as moles, in centimeters(cm) using the Skin Exam Tool when entering the history. Measure both dimensions (0.3×0.4cm)

  8. Use a quality digital camera with a resolution of 1025 x 768 pixels (approximately one megapixel) or better.  Phone cameras often meet this requirement, but cameras are preferred when possible.  On cameras a macro setting for close ups (usually a flower symbol) can help enhance clarity